Teachers and staff give us so much throughout the year that on May 4th-8th we want to make it a special week for them.
This year we want to thank and appreciate our teachers in a new and fun way and we need parent and student involvement to make it a big success.
Below you will find a list of items that we would like for you to bring to School and drop off in baskets at front entrance and bus entrance. You may bring one or as many as you want but make sure you stick to the theme for that day.

We will then collect them and place them in teachers’ lounge for them to enjoy!
Monday May 4th    Fresh Fruit (bring a banana, apple, pear...your choice)
Tuesday May 5th    Snack bar (nut bar, fruit bar, healthy bar)
Wednesday May 6th Candy bar (lollipops, chocolate bars, m&m, chocolate, candy, candy, candy!!!)
Thursday May 7th   Make a thank you note (this should be a general note of appreciation but if you would like to make a special one for your favorite teachers please do it in addition to the general one and give it to them in person)
On Wednesday a breakfast will be served. We need items to be donated and volunteers to help and on Friday a lunch will hopefully be donated by a local restaurant. This day we need volunteers.
If you have any questions on how or when to drop off items please contact Mrs. Molina andesah@aol.com